WP1 - Design of SENSE Final Prototype


Gather final requirements for the development of SENSE components modules.

Design prototype for final modules according to performance and cost requirements.

Desing of interfaces between modules, GUI and CAD interfaces.

WP2 - Software Development


Develop individual toolboxes and modules up to market entry level.

Optimize software performance.

Build up user-friendly GUI and CAD loading tool.

WP3 - Software Testing


Test and validate individual toolboxes and modules.

Benchmark of SENSE simulation results with real results.

Compare SENSE simulation results with CFD competitor software.

WP4 - Software Integration and Validation


Integrate toolboxes, modules, GUI, CAD loader, etc. into one software package.

Verify and validate SENSE software.

Optimize user experience via debugging.

WP5 - Commercialization, Dissemination & Communication


Maximize visibility of SENSE technology through promotional material and publications.

Attend congresses to get in contact with customers and other stakeholders.

Establish international commercial distributor networks.

WP6 - Project Managment


Ensure that the project objectives are met.

Manage the technical, administrative and financial aspects of the project.

Assess risk and act according to the contingency plans.