Surface and Coating Expo, India

ESS is a sponsor of the CII Surface and Coating Expo, in Chennai India from 31st of August to 2nd of September 2018. Visit us at stall 118 and our talk “Correct Physical Simulation of Paint Shop Processes by the Example of e-coating”.


ESS is a sponsor of the Surface and Coating Expo


Warranty claims can cost automotive manufacturers millions of dollars. Therefore, it is important to ensure a high level of quality and minimized errors in the production processes. Automotive paint shops for coating a body-in-white are highly complex, multi-stage processes. Several layers of coatings and paints are stacked on top of each other for corrosion protection and visual appeal. After each layer is applied a paint-drying oven takes care of curing and hardening. These ovens are required to dry and cure the multi-stage e-coatings layers for corrosion protection and visual appeal. The perfect operating conditions have to be defined beforehand, otherwise, the glue between the lightweight components of the car body could break in the heat of the oven. Thus, it is very important that the oven provides uniform distribution of heat for body-in-white for curing and hardening the coating without harming the materials sheets and glues.

To solve this problem, we have used our LBM solver developed for our software tool ALSIM Sense. The numerical model of the oven is created by introducing multi nozzles at the top surface of the oven which provide hot air and heat up the car placed inside the oven body. Two different conditions i.e., static and moving oven are considered mimicking the behaviour of moving car. In our oven simulation, the car is assumed as still, and the nozzles are moving at specified speed.


In the present simulation, three nozzles have been created inside the computational domain which are allowed to move with 5 m/s speed in the x-direction. A simple car is placed still inside the oven and allowed to expose to the hot air coming from the nozzles. The Reynolds number and Rayleigh number in the present simulation are taken as Re = 831 and Ra = 83321. The results showing the heating up of the car surface at various times are given below.

The results of ALSIM Paint Shop helps users to optimize operating conditions in the oven process by allowing them to select nozzle positions, air jet speed, the direction of the nozzle and operating temperatures.

Competitors need about one month of computation time for such a simulation on a larger computer cluster. This Oven simulation of 20 seconds required 32 minutes of computational time with 1 GPU. These short throughput times and simple operability in combination with 100% automated data preparation will continue to redefine the state-of-the-art.


We are looking forward to meeting you at our booth and technical talk.

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